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I’ve Tried Sleeping (Original Album) By I’ve Tried Sleeping

Performing at a totally different level. I’ve Tried Sleeping has beautifully created unworldly music with an unbelievably captivating ambiance that just captures the essence of your being and molds it to his choosing. Inspiring, engaging, and just different from anything you’d experience from any other artist, his 10 song album is an experience in its own right, designed to be blasted as loud as physically possible!

Charlie Edwards, AKA I’ve Tried Sleeping, is by all means an interesting person. With his life played out like a movie, Charlie is certainly one artist that will never run out of topics or ideas to make music from. He’s played on the streets to create a name, he’s even dived into the crowds performing live, captivating hearts before dwelling back into that bottomless pit as his previous band disbanded. Down in the abyss where the light doesn’t shine. He’s just been through it all and we’ve got to hand it to him; his sheer will and determination is surely iconic.

“I’ve Tried Sleeping” is his first album debut after rising like a phoenix, and it’s beautifully been influenced by the struggles of his life. Through an incredibly captivating performance and perfected rhythmic tunes from his aged instruments, Charlie will surely reach out further than ever to connect with a broader audience like never before. As per the instructions of the artist himself, the album is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to play it out loud and play it out hard.

Worthy of all the recognition and admiration, especially after considering how he’s paved his road to success, I’ve Tried Sleeping deserves all the respect and fame. Hard work does pay off, and we really hope that the days are getting closer for Charlie.

Share his music and discover his art and engulf yourself with an unforgettable experience of melodic perfection! Everything there is to know about this artist is available on his website at

- EDM Rekords, 9/28/22


I’ve Tried Sleeping – I’ve Tried Sleeping | Rock and Roll

I’ve Tried Sleeping is a 5-piece modern rock band formed by veteran musician and frontman Charlie Edwards. They recently dropped a 10-track sonic masterpiece that features hard-hitting grooves, motivating lyrics and exquisite instrumentation. The band captures the essence of classic rock and roll along with other influences like electronic and psychedelic music with this record, and says that “the songs will take you somewhere if you let them…”; an expressive and energetic album perfect for your rock playlists!

The band kicks off the self-titled album with an upbeat track called FLYING HIGH ANYWAY. “If you go back in time don’t mess with your former self / In the zombie apocalypse aim for the head / You’ve got to run got to fly like your life depends on it / Don’t get caught lying to yourself”. The track features thumping drums, crunchy guitars, and a sweet bass groove that accompany Charlie’s vocals. He sings somewhat dark, and intricately written lyrics in the verses about the power of love, building up to a very uplifting and energetic chorus as the track progresses.

Track two, NOT TALKING SQUATCH, begins in a more mellow space with a soothing acoustic guitar rhythm and mellow tones. Charlie is accompanied by the band’s bassist Eddie Ramirez, who really shines through here. The dynamic instrumentation and grungy vocals give this track a Led Zeppelin-reminiscent feel; a solid composition that plays beautifully for three-and-a-half minutes.

HARD HITTING ROCK, as the title might suggest, is a punchy rock tune that’ll surely leave you headbanging! It has an infectious rock and roll groove that’s both familiar and fresh. Lead guitarist Jay Condiotti keeps it going with his simple and very catchy riffs, supported by upbeat drums and a driving bass throughout; hard not to bop to this one!

The band transitions to a more lighthearted, laid-back sound with track four, OUT HERE ON OUR OWN. With its funky progression and feel-good melodies, it somewhat sounds like a Coldplay composition, but very classic rock. Charlie’s vocals giveaway that I’ve Tried Sleeping ‘sound’ we’re slowly getting familiar with, and I think he sounds absolutely fantastic here!

I’ve Tried Sleeping continue their story through hopeful lyricism and melancholic tones on the next track. WITHOUT THE FAINTEST IDEA is a very emotive song that starts off with a story of a dream and eventually highlights affection and desire. Initially, Charlie sings over a bass-driven rhythm and electric guitars. The track then builds up incredibly in energy and is filled with hard hitting drums and uplifting melodies; a solid performance.

SOME KIND OF MOTHER is another excellent grungy song from the band’s self-titled album. Keyboardist Kelly Porter’s playing really shines through on this one as he plays a conversational piece with guitarist Condiotti on this one. The track has a bluesy vibe and is a pleasure to listen to! I’ve Tried Sleeping bring back the raw organ sound we all know and love, and fuse it with a hardcore rock and roll rhythm to create the magic on this one.

I’ve Tried Sleeping talks about an experience of listening to the legendary Led Zeppelin on this next track titled, LISTENING TO ZEPPELIN. “Feels like I’m missing something I never had / And the promise of this dream lights up the darkness / It would always lift me up and take me for a ride / It’s calling me now I got lost inside a rainbow.” Quoting lyrics and themes from some of their songs, Charlie paints a picture through his beautifully written lyrics here, and sings about getting the feeling of getting lost in the music; very well composed and produced!

Track eight, SHAKING THIS CAN UP, is introduced in a dark ambient space with a reverby electric guitar that fills up the soundscape; quite unlike what we’ve heard on this album so far. Charlie comes in over a tight drum rhythm and a driving bass  – “Okay let’s review the plan / I’ll get very small / You wait outside on the ledge / When the alarm goes off we’re on”. This song seems to be about a confrontation between him and a significant other, along with his desire to find out the truth about the lies that were told to him. The band brings in the I’ve Tried Sleeping ‘sound’ as the track builds up; a top-notch performance.

BUILD SOMETHING GOLDEN is a beautifully written 9-minute composition that has a very Pink Floyd-like instrumentation. Featuring deep basses, colourful chord progressions and soaring guitars, the band showcases a very fresh sound with this track. The track has a bunch of sections that excellently flow into one another, with Charlie at the front of the mix. He’s supported by AJ Ramirez on Drums, Condiotti on Guitar, Eddie on Bass and Kelly on the synth, and everyone does a fantastic job here! Build Something Golden is one of those tracks that you can never get bored listening to! The band really shows off their veteran musicianship here with smooth transitions, engaging build ups and an exquisite finish.

I’ve Tried Sleeping ends their self-titled album with a heartfelt song called YOUR ARMS AROUND ME. “I don’t care what you think / I’m going to believe / When I cross to the other side / You’ll be waiting there for me”. The band changes things up with this track featuring light melodies and affectionate lyrics. Charlie is accompanied by grungy, yet mellow guitars initially, and as the track progresses, we hear percussionist/drummer AJ Ramirez carry the rhythm of the track with a smooth shaker groove. The track builds up steadily with uplifting melodies and a very full-sounding set of instruments; a fantastic way to end this 10-track sonic masterpiece!

- Sinusoidal Music, 11/17/22

I’ve Tried Sleeping – I’ve Tried Sleeping

Whenever I see a musician describe their entire journey as a pursuit for perfection, and that perfection itself rests and is based off of Bob Dylan’s works, I can’t help but stop and take note. 'I've Tried Sleeping’, an appropriate name for someone who is constantly on the search for perfection, delivers a rocking and cathartic alternative rock project that just screams energy, devotion, and emotional barebones. Charlie Edwards' life story is nothing short of remarkable and this record is a roaring piece of catharsis that any musician looking for a dose of inspiration and any listener looking to charge themselves up would do well to hear.

Throughout the record, Edwards goes through a whole barrage of topics that you might even struggle to jot down all at once. From light hearted rants about Netflix and Led Zeppelin to more pained pieces about the pandemic, social justice, and even conspiracy theories, there isn’t something he won’t delve into. But it’s when his personal experiences come to the forefront that you really start to find yourself as a fan. Edwards' fight with cancer and subsequent mental struggles that he discusses with such poignance on the finale, 'Your Arms Around Me' is an indisputable highlight. There’s a rage to this album, but also a calm. Undoubtedly though, it’s best heard pumped up a few decibels more than needed.

Certainly drawing from classic rock influences that similarly traverse themes of struggle and the common man with awesome arrangements like Springsteen, Dylan, and Zeppelin, it is a true rock and roll barebones release. Classic rock fans will delight at ‘I’ve Tried Sleeping’, and as I find myself struggling to do what the album and outfits' title itself conveys, I listen to this and give myself energy to make it to another morning while grappling with my own struggles and hoping this pulls me out of it.

- Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy, 11/14/22



Charlie Edwards (vocals/guitar), Jay Condiotti (lead guitar), Eddie Ramirez (bass), AJ Ramirez (drums/percussion), Kelly Porter (electric organ/synth) all came together through producer Michael Schettler and was joined by Charlie Edwards' daughter, Calista Edwards (cello) to form I’ve Tried Sleeping. 

Mixing their deep roots into classic rock with their music writing skills and good musicianship, I’ve Tried Sleeping will be dropping their self-titled record on the 13th of November 2022 with a plan to release one single per week up until the release date and today, we’re gonna prepare you for November 13th as we dig deep into the record track by track. 

With a well-detailed proper build-up, I’ve Tried Sleeping kickstarted their self-titled record on “Flying High Anyway”. The ticking guitars, expressive harmonized mysterious vocals, pounding drums, and deep bass all created an escalating relieving progression, leading to a melodic trip with heavy strumming and bluesy solos that sent the dynamics to the roof. 

Tuning things down a little bit early comes “Not Talking Squatch”, a more of a country ballad with a rock ‘n’ roll bluesy twist and a layer of distortion that gives it a hard-hitting progression. 

“Hard Hitting Rock” stands up to its name as I’ve Tried Sleeping injects more energy into the dynamics of the record through its sharp guitar tune and groovy riffs. 

I’ve Tried Sleeping steer into a brighter sound on “Out Here On Our Own”, using colorful swaying guitar melodies and well-arranged organs that added a warm layer while adding a surfing guitar section around the minute 2:10 mark that’ll perfectly retrieve the listener’s attention. 

“Without The Faintest Idea” has a cool enjoyable structure with some entertaining killer guitar solos and melodies exploding everywhere. 

I’d love to listen to an extended live version of the extremely groovy “Some Kind Of Mother”, the guitar/organ/bass conversation is pretty awesome on this one, it can easily invoke an improvisational section on stage that’ll drive the crowd CRAZY! 

Moving next to “Listening To Zeppelin”, I’ve Tried Sleeping pays the proper tribute to the legendary Led Zeppelin lyrically and musically. As they consider them the reason why they’re doing what they’re doing, the band reflects on Zeppelin’s influence on them as fans before being musicians through lyrics and as seasoned musicians through their melodies, solos, and structure. 

“Shaking This Can Up” comes next, smartly positioned to shake the dynamics once again and keep you hooked, and shows a lot of their writing skills with its simple structure and interesting energy. 

“Build Something Golden” starts with Pink Floyd-ish psychedelic vibes and guitars before totally evolving as it progresses into a bigger sound with an epic storytelling vibe. It has some extremely remarkable pure blues-influenced guitar work as usual, jazzy, enjoyable drumming, and an incredible Jon Lordy organ section. I was impressed by its solid structure and how fast those 9 minutes flew. 

Ending the record with the raw from-the-heart singalong rock ballad “Your Arms Around Me” creates a special moment between the band and their fans, it closes the record with a big open sound that’ll get instantly printed into your mind. 

I’ve Tried Sleeping’s self-titled record is a smooth sonic trip with loads of melodies and well-written music that’s totally recommended to any music lover. You’ll find diverse sounds and moods that’ll keep you entertained all throughout the record. 

Head now to I’ve Tried Sleeping’s Spotify page and follow them as they’ll be dropping those rocking songs as singles one per week from now till the record’s release on the 13th of November. Cheers, and keep on rocking! 

- Hazem Mahani, ROCKERAMAGAZINE, 9/21/22



To anyone reading this particular review, I can tell you that getting to know this guy has been an experience on its own, let alone with his incredible music. "I’ve Tried Sleeping" is one artist that has been molded out of the sorrowful reality of our world, and through those scratches and tears, he’s written, recorded, and mastered a rock album worthy of all his struggles. This artist is for all of us. For every time you’ve hated your reality, this artist is for you. For every time you get mad at the world for being unfair, this artist is for you. If you’ve ever been beaten up by the struggles and difficulties of life that you have no control over, then THIS ARTIST IS FOR YOU. 

He’s been everywhere, always pushing forward to achieve his dreams and always a tad too late. A hardworking titan of talent that’s done everything right to become a successful artist, yet the world is not fair and never is. He’s been part of too many bands to count, crawling his way to the LA scene for his one big shot only to find that the industry imploded. Accepting his fate, he’s scratched and clawed onto the scraps and made a living for himself as your everyday bus driver, computer guy, messenger, and all those existential crisis jobs that drive one nut. From the dust of cocaine to the struggles of homelessness and the peaks of glory, "I’ve Tried Sleeping" ‘ steel was molded by the fires of hell to make the stairways to heaven. 

The album features a roller coaster of emotions with "I’ve Tried Sleeping," sarcastically titled "I’ve Tried Sleeping," which is a F**K YOU to everything that’s wrong with this world. Featuring 45 minutes of award-worthy music rich with instrumental solos and an incredible lyrical performance that will capture your heart’s essence and squeeze some cold sense into it. The album is that awakening call for a society that everyone has been afraid of saying outright. 

So experience "I’ve Tried Sleeping" and share it with your friends. Perhaps the world will wake up to its disturbing reality, and through this awakening, we will build a better world together. 

- Saiid Zeidan, EPK Rekords, 9/20/22

Don’t Sleep on This Album: “I’ve Tried Sleeping”

I’d like you to stop whatever you’re doing for a moment. For a moment, forget about the hustle and bustle of whatever internet drama you might be engaged with minute by minute. Forget for a moment and put aside the pet peeves or micro aggressions that antagonize you hour by hour, day by day. You’ve just been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, they tell you. What would YOU do? Obviously, this is rhetorical. I’m also betting that until you read that last part about the diagnosis did you truly pause and reflect.

What indeed… would you do? For Charlie Edwards, his answer was to get inspired, kick cancer’s ass, and put together a cosmically phenomenal rock and roll album. And when I think about it, I honestly can’t think of a better or braver answer than that. In fact, I really need to do a gut check on myself to assure myself that I could even respond the same way. All that makes listening to the project I’ve Tried Sleeping‘s self-titled album that much more interesting of a journey. The album is to be released to streaming services on November 13th, but you can hear it now on Bandcamp:

The name I’ve Tried Sleeping has a bit of a mysterious origin other than Edwards learning that several other artists share the same name and “rather go Highlander on them” opted to come up with the name. Thought that was pretty funny. With an extensive, long running history of playing music in various ways and projects, Edwards has written by his account at least a thousand songs. For this 10 track album, the credits are:

Charlie Edwards (Vocals and Guitar), Jay Condiotti (Lead Guitar), Eddie Ramirez (Bass), AJ Ramirez (Drums and Percussion), Kelly Porter (Electric Organ and Synth) and Calista Edwards (Cello).

Of interesting note, Calista is Edwards' 13 year old daughter. Edwards recollects the production:

“A lot of magic took place as this record came together. It was a beautiful thing. Everyone who touched the project was pulled into its vortex and given the freedom to be themselves, shined.”

Indeed, given the backstory, having family on the album, you truly do get that sense or impression of that type of energy upon hearing it. It feels like people really rallied around him on this effort. It was produced by Michael Schettler (Spokane Recording Studio) and Jay Condiotti (Musicland) in Spokane, Washington (You guys know I’m going to give a big shout out to that being the PNW writer around here).

“This is a Clash record. Urgent, bristling. It puts a foot on your throat from the start and never relents. It is album rock. A 45 minute piece of music meant to be listened to from start to finish. It is not a 14 second soundbyte to be dismissed.”

Edwards' writing covers a spectrum of lyrics topically, you would probably imagine on this album. He references things ranging from the pandemic, social justice, and conspiracy theory to lighter hearted things like Netflix and his favorite band (Zeppelin) as well as deeper, introspective things like depression, mental illness and mortality (specifically in “Your Arms Around Me”). Edwards is right in his bio’s assessment of how one should experience the album, it transcends perfectly at loud volume, front to back, while letting your mind wander.

He cites influences of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. I would certainly echo that in my audible analysis as well. However, there are a couple more that I did not spot in his bio, that I would say I think I hear in there too. I would also recommend this as a good listen for those who enjoy Bowie and Collective Soul. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, go have a listen and let me know!

"At some point along the way, I was so overcome emotionally by each song that I was unable to make it through singing it. This became the bar or standard for the ones to keep and the ones to throw back."

Don’t forget to support this project and to follow on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website. If you enjoy his music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

- Less Than 1,000 Followers, 9/28/22


The Rock Sounds of I've Tried Sleeping

I've Tried Sleeping is a project that was born from the mind of a man who's been taken over by rock music since he was a kid and guess shows. The band comes at you with some full-fledged rock powerhouse guitars and tiny bits of looseness that makes it that much more fun to listen to.

A new drop under the same name just happened and it for sure has the right tones and rhythms to get you moving.

Songs that are most notable are tacks like "Hard Hitting Rock" which shows as the most played single and for good reason.

There is also "Flying High Anyway" which has a progressive sound and builds super well into an uplifting style.

There is quite a good amount of lead guitar solo scattered throughout the album and it's all tasteful and exciting.

This entire record has something for all levels of rock lovers out there. It gets hard and heavy, and it lightens up, it tells stories, and it floats away into the atmosphere.

"With earlier recordings, I never successfully captured a tune that legitimately rocked.  I did capture "frantic" and "chaotic".  And a number of tracks that you'd categorize under "rock" and "played at rocking", but certainly nothing that face-melted or head-banged on its own merit.  There are moments on this record that truly do rock (like the end of 'Build Something Golden').” - I've Tried Sleeping

- Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine, 10/26/22


I've Tried Sleeping Hits The Alt-Rock Sweet Spot

The latest album dropped from I've Tried Sleeping delivers a balanced alternative rock sonfgwriting style that crosses delightfully into multiple genres with each new track but never loses it's edge.

The songs display some incredible guitar work and just a loose but fun songwriting vibe that makes these tracks endlessly fun for all.

The record does a good job of shining in different areas with a juicy set of rock singles and with tones that stick string and true but with this array of songwriting styles that let the album be as free as it needed to be.

The record is produced and written by pretty much one guy and it all comes down to his influences being laid out on the plate the way he does it.

"With earlier recordings, I never successfully captured a tune that legitimately rocked.  I did capture "frantic" and "chaotic".  And a number of tracks that you'd categorize under "rock" and "played at rocking", but certainly nothing that face-melted or head-banged on its own merit.  There are moments on this record that truly do rock (like the end of BUILD SOMETHING GOLDEN). ” - Charlie Edwards aka I've Tried Sleeping.

We've taken the liberty of including the main links so you can jam out with this rock record, starting with Spotify and SoundCloud and of course let's not forget the social media like Facebook.

- The Sounds Won't Stop, 12/27/22


I've Tried Sleeping- Flying High Anyway

I’ve Tried Sleeping is a five-piece BAMF band that has just released a self-titled album, opening with Flying High Anyway. Beguiling and beautiful, the song kickstarts an unforgettable sound experience that takes you places if you let it. Made up of 10 songs, the album is meant to be listened to in its entirety. So let it wash over you and take you places you’ve only dreamed of.

Roaming synth lasers form a mesmerizing backdrop for vibrant riffs. Smoky vocals lift from the canvas, swishing with devastation and apocalyptic doom. Echoing harmonies dimensionalizes the song, drawing us into shadowy depths. And, this is what makes it worth it in the chorus, as we fly with the illuminating riffs, as high as we dipped.

Driving the activity and energy to the sky, the guitar melodies emit warm sparks that are absorbed by the vocals before it takes on the form of a stunning guitar solo. Its electric force and flow are wonderful to witness as it takes us to eclectic destinies.

And it only keeps getting better. Like a revolution, it gets bigger and better. Because the deeper you let the song take you, the higher you will rise, burgeoning with light and immutable energy. An elegant blend of light and darkness, the song portrays both sides of the coin.

So, immerse yourself into the swirling soundscape that refracts darkness and exposes its wisdom and potential for light. The mercurial potions of perspectives boost you into a sky of shooting stars and exploding suns.

- Good Music Radar, 11/19/22

A fair blast of chords alright, the kind that would prevent our glare to other sensations and that is only heightened with the arrival of a singer who sounds positively possessed and ready to steal our mind in the process. It frightened me to a degree but we're still all for tunes that have the wherewithal to move, even if it is on this occasion as fast as our feet will carry us in the opposite direction. I jest to a degree for there is a romper stomper here that my younger self would have moshed to freely. Keep those fires burning!
- mp3hugger, 9/15/22

The track has a refreshingly raw and energizing blend of rock and indie
- AlfitudeAdd, 9/14/22

This is a very energetic listen with solid instrumentation.
- Darkenin Heart, 9/14/22

Grand sound, seriously loud and eccentric, a little metal around the edges, it's a strong vibe.  
- Music For The Misfits, 9/15/22

I could definitely hear the U2 influence on this track.
- Digital Tour Bus, 9/14/22

Foreboding lyrics, mentioning apocalypse and running, plays aptly amidst the climatic guitar tones. A more guitar-fronted alt-rock vigor takes hold after, presenting an enjoyable sound.
- Obscure Sound, 9/15/22

Dig the catchy vibe here, great mix too.
- Havoc Underground, 9/15/22

We like when the guitars kick in.
- Ear To The Ground Music, 9/14/22

Awesome vocal energy and the gritty guitar sold me for sure. Sick track and I'm stoked for future releases!
- Exclusive Audio, 9/15/22

The song sounds good overall. A bit reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins btw. Maybe because of the vocal manner/timbre.
- Faeton Music Blog, 9/15/22

Undeniably a very well-produced song.
- Fashionably Early, 9/14/22

This is a well done track and I love the almost 90s vibe of it.
- Girl At The Rock Shows, 9/14/22

I think the song is very well written and I really like the music. 
- Given To Rock, 9/14/22

Expressive, original sound. We like the arrangement.
- Grotesqualizer, 9/15/22

I am enjoying the melodic lead guitar here.
- Metalperver, 9/15/22

You have a great energy here.
- Riptide Mag, 9/15/22

I love the sense of urgency in the production and vocal style on this.
- Rock The Pigeon Music Blog, 9/15/22

Rich performance and uplifting arrangement. Overall a very interesting song!
- Secret Eclectic, 9/16/22

Strong raw energy in the band and vocal performance.
- Somos Grandes, 9/16/22

The storyline is good with some solid lyricism.
- The Revue, 9/16/22