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03 Hard Hitting Rock

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Charlie Edwards, Vocals & Guitar
Jay Condiotti, Lead Guitar
Michael Schettler, Guitar
Eddie Ramirez, Bass
AJ Ramirez, Drums & Percussion
Kelly Porter, Organ & Synth

Produced by Michael Schettler
Spokane Recording Studio, Spokane, WA USA

Recorded & Mixed by Jay Condiotti
J Bones Musicland, Spokane, WA USA

Words & Music by Charlie Edwards
2022 All rights reserved, Caerus Infinity LLC

Photography by Rick Chapman


Went to the record store
When I was in sixth grade
Took my lawn mowing money
And you know I bought The Wall
The day it came out and played it over and over
Until my Mom she saw the art
On the inside cover where the judge is an asshole
When she took it I fell apart
But then I found where she hid it and was back in business

You know I turned it up loud

It's been painful watching rock die
Year after year by degrees
I could bore you with the reasons why
Pick your poison MTV
Sony Napster the times
Clear Channel the internet and whatever I'm forgetting
So I went into hibernation
And had a near death experience that became this record

And now it's time to turn it up loud

Bring back the rock and roll
Hard hitting rock music clubs four bands deep
To rattle our bones and wake us from this sleep

It's time to turn it up loud